Obsession, Inspiration and Making a Difference with Passion.

Are you making a difference with passion?

I get a lot of emails; I am on a lot of email lists. This kind of work requires me to keep up as we are in constant change. It also means I get to read some great emails from some brilliant people. I want to tell you about an email I received from Scott Oldford.

But first, are you passionate, obsessed and inspired, do you leap out of bed determined to get on with your day. I know at least one person who jumps out of bed into a cold shower because it sets the theme for the day.

Morning Routines

making a difference with passionMy normal routine is up at 7 am and writing with a pen for 30 minutes. Some of my more productive friends would call that late. For me, it is about the drive and a connection to a thing that is greater than me.

Back to Scott, from my perspective, he is a young man, in his 30s and he has the passion of youth. He has been a serial entrepreneur going from nothing to riches to nearly a million in debt and back out again in just a few years.


In Scott’s email he was talking obsession and passion, (hence the subject line) this was the bit that took my interest.

“Are you in true alignment with your vision and purpose.

“If you don’t know of my vision, it’s huge. Like, really big.
In order to wake up at 3:30 am every morning. In order to produce the way I do.

You have to be in true alignment with that vision and purpose. And part of all of this is ensuring that you continue to fall in love with your purpose. That doesn’t happen by mistake. You get to choose your destiny for it. If you don’t do things that remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing. You’re screwed — really screwed. You must surround yourself with things that inspire you.”

Wow, he does strike a cord what is it that inspires you in your work? If you can communicate that passion, it is infectious. I read Scott’s emails always because they make me feel good.

I am the catalyst creating change
and making a difference with passion. making a difference with passion

The passion in my business is seeing a client move to the next level. It happens when I listen as they speak about why they do what they do. I hear that energy in the voice and together we discover how to communicate it on the page or through a video. It is seeing the result of that passion translate to engagement and sales.

The truth is when you share your passion; your customers will love you and your business because they want a piece of it.

My passion and purpose is about
moving people forward in life and
business and making a difference
in the world.

The ritual that leads to clarity

My morning ritual is for me, and the writing gives it space. By writing whatever comes into my head there is freedom, no editing straight onto the page even if it is swearing and moaning or, “I do not know what to write now and hate it ” it goes on the page.

I will express gratitude and appreciation for things, people or life and then re-affirm my 90-day goals and direction. I connect with my passion and vision for the greater future.

That is the first 30 minutes of my day and it is precious.

What does your morning look like? Are you ready to stand up and begin making a difference with passion.?

Where is the passion in your business,

Share it below now, take a moment and connect with it, now tell us about it. Let’s share some passion and feel good about it. This post is also on Linkedin share your comments there for some broader feedback.

Not Feeling it!

If you are not sure about your passion or how to connect with it, try taking time and writing. If you want to explore with some support check out the results in 90 day product, passion is part of the process.

How to get results in 90 days.


Account Suspended: Sorry if you missed me

Account Suspended Website security can be an obsession and given the level of unsavoury types on the net; there is a good reason to be cautious.

Account Suspended, this site and all of my properties were suspended last week, because of obsession. The sorry episode is a story of poor communication followed by poor customer service.

Account Suspended: The Story

Last week was a bit of a blur, and I was chasing my tail, so all of my processes were running late. The net result was an email with the “New Office Offer” that was scheduled for Monday did not happen until Saturday.


Then Sunday morning my website, email and access to

everything got suspended AARRGH! !!!!!

The problem was an unsecured website plugin, which is not a threat just a potential threat. Back to the security obsession, I am thankful that the hosting provider is diligent around potential threats and took swift action. However cutting my service was too much too soon.

Life is about communication

I have begun to realise that everything that goes wrong is down to poor communication. I hold my hands up and say guilty there was a faulty plugin on my site. But had that been communicated well I would have done something about it?

What should have taken 5 minute

But because of their action what should have taken 5 minutes to resolve took 4 days. As I was locked out and unable to take action because I was locked out, finally we got there, and regular service has resumed. It has been a very frustrating 4 days with no email.

The message play fair and communicate

If you are working for a customer or client, communicate with them and keep them well informed, let there be no surprises. If your actions or processes are going to make life difficult or unpleasant, then give fair notice and warning.

On the upside, it has been quite with not a lot of email, on the downside, emails to me were possibly bouncing, so what did I miss?

Extended Offer

In the light of this sorry story, I have extended the offer on the 90 Days to business Success to those on my list, if you want access to that offer, please get on the list before the 8th of Feb. Use the Traffic Map post below.

To your success

Paul Harvey

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Choose to change at 8.30am in Hong Kong,

18 & 19 November 03 001
Not my best HK picture

When we choose to change

It was 8.30am in Hong Kong I was on my way to our first meeting of the day and was just catching in with my wife on the phone, (It was time to choose to change)

“I have seen a house, can I look at it?” She said.

I was away on business in China with colleagues; the trip was three weeks. My wife was at home with our year one old son and had decided to visit her mother in Scotland.

With the time difference, we had fallen into the routine of speaking at opposite ends of the day

She was excited.  “I have seen it from the outside, and looked in the windows; it’s fantastic lots of potential.”

Being cool I said, “Ok Yes look at it, and long as you take someone with you and not your Mother.”

I had a vision of the pair of them walking around this house placing the furniture and deciding to buy it before they had walked out of the door.

A simple conversation and a chain reaction.

Inglewood house 1What is amazing is that simple conversation started a chain reaction for my family and I. It saw me leave the corporate world to find a new life in Scotland and opening up a world of opportunity.

We had been looking for a new home since the birth of our son, the attractions of London life had gone. But I had not expected the move would be 600 miles, a change of life and career.

My wife did the house tour with a surveyor who pointed out all the issues as she walked around. The property was a four bedroom stone built house by a river in a little town 23 miles east of Inverness.

I knew we would buy the house

Over the next two weeks in China, I was in supplier meetings discussing business by day, and overnight catching up with developments at home. I remember sitting in an internet cafe in HK looking at pictures of the house and the location. By the end of the first week, I knew we would buy the house and that I would not be completing on the business contracts I was negotiating. As I stepped on the plane to come home, the house offer letter was into the solicitors. On walking back into the office on Monday, I said to my boss.

“China was great lots to talk about, and by the way, Cheryl has bought a house in Scotland, and I will be leaving.”

So why am I telling the story, why is it so interesting? Well, it is about making that leap into transition and the unknown. I had been working for the same company for 20 years, seen it grow from a few million in sales to nearly 20 million. The company was a big part of my history and life. I was bored, but now life was about the energy of change.

New beginnings bring new energy

The only 40th birthday picture I could find

Life in that company had always been safe, it was an easy environment to work in, then in my 40th year, I was about to embark on a new journey a new chapter in my life.

Yes there was fear

There was fear, but what was surprising was the release of energy, it came in the waves, there was a tremendous excitement. Was it possible we could buy a house in such a beautiful location? Yes, it was! The drive and passion that was unleashed to meet that goal were greater than the sum of our parts.

Yes, It took six months to complete. Yes, there was a roller coaster of emotions, but we made it happen.

When you choose to change the magic can happen?

So I guess this post is about change, significant change. Because when you identify a significant change in your life, embrace it, launch into it and see what happens. It will release an enormous amount of energy. As we break the old patterns, we create opportunity, and at that moment magic can happen.

What made the difference for us was stepping into the unknown,

Once we had decided, we were going to do it, there was a graceful transition between working and living in London to the process of moving our entire home and family to Scotland.

Even once I arrive in Scotland there was no clear plan; it was just move, fix the house and see what happens. Within six months I was offered freelance work, and one thing lead into another.

Success and Stepping Up.

Scottish Week 086
10th Birthday in the Park( Green Hood)

So was the move successful, it depends on how you define success. Did we become millionaires? No, we did not. That was not the overall objective. We were looking for more community; A place to bring up a young son in an environment that was child-friendly and safe. We found it.

I was looking to be a hands-on father, I did that, working from home I was there for the important milestones. He went to a community school, I saw the school plays and did the birthday parties.

We are 12 years on, and my son turned 14 last year, and he does not need me like he did. (Apart from his taxi driver). It has not been an easy journey but that said we are still her are having fun, and sometimes it is not.

I Choose to Change again

Choose to change
Make a choice and find a new target. Yes I shot those arrows.

Change is needed a new burst of energy; I will go into why in another post. The point is now is the time for another new beginning, time to stop playing small, because if I want to make a mark in this world and achieve my life purpose, I need to look towards the bigger vision, that means taking my skills and experience and using them to impact more people.

So 2017 is the year that I step up. I am moving my business into a new phase I am building a team, and we will walk into the unknown and see what happens. I will speak more of change in the coming weeks.

What would be a leap for you in your life or business in 2017

How do we step up and out of the comfort zone?

I will be talking about this with Anthony Dexmier next week.

All the best for the year ahead

Paul Harvey

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