Do you begin with the end in mind?

I have started a weekly woodland walk; it is a time to get away from the computer, think and make a few videos. Okay, the phone is a computer of sorts but at least I am walking!

I started making these talking head videos, exploring ideas to be written up later, but I have decided to put the video out raw, so to speak. I am calling them “Woodland Walks and Marketing Talks.”

In this video, I am speaking about the importance of having a clear intention.

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It was Stephen Covey who said “begin with the end in mind” it is a quote from his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” In my highly abridged interpretation of his message, it is about seeing our actions as part of the bigger picture so that what we do or create leads us to a goal of our choosing. The book is a good read, although you have to commit to the “7 Habits” to make them work for you.

I was looking at, “begin with the end in mind” from a marketing perspective. The story in the video was about a project that was completed but did not hit any one success criteria.

The lack of objective, or the wrong objective is not uncommon, and I have seen this in many projects where the material is created, and it does not fit in with the current marketing process. I remember a project where the primary sale happened on the telephone but the telephone number was buried on a website contact page.

Are you working with clear objectives?

What I do for clients is help clarify what is important, so we have that goal and then we break it down into manageable steps that can be communicated through the different channels into the market. The channels can be social media, your website, or printed material.

With more clarity in the marketing process and defined action you will find more success with new leads, contacts, and extra sales. Of course, the objective is to create more sales but that has be done by creating value and demonstrating that you are giving value. It is all about being more strategic, having a plan so that you present the right mix of content that builds trust and offers that lead to sales.

The client implements the outcome, or I provide the resource and support to do that. Do you have any questions?

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Here’s to your success,
Paul Harvey


Challenges of Social Media & Digital Marketing

This website underwent some developments recently which included removing some old posts and files.  During this process I discovered some landing pages and content files for a series of teleseminars my social media friend Rene Looper and I did during Christmas and into the New Year of 2013/14.  It led me to reflect on what has happened since.?

Starting in January 2016 I will be hosting a regular webinar using the Google hangout system, the content for these shows will be to some extent up to you. What is it that you need? What is it that could take your business forward.

Below is a form with two main questions and some tick boxes to put those questions in a context. As thank you for completing the form, you will be redirected to the download page for the free digital marketing info graphic.

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