Is your Google Analytics clean? Use a filter

Google Analyitics Filters Are you throwing mud at your Google Analytics?

Do you use your website as a reference or resource?




Are you clicking on it many times a day to check information or read content or answer customer questions?

As as aside when I worked at the catalogue company, customers would phone into sales and ask a question about a product they had seen in the catalogue. The staff would read the same catalogue information back to them. It is funny how many customers want this service, it must be a sort of assurance that the information was correct and remove the barrier to the purchase.

I digress, the point being, if you are using your website as the reference or the business bible then you are contaminating that data on Google Analytics.

Google will register any visit to your site regardless of how it arrives.   When you or your team access the data it will look like there are lots of searches or direct links to obscure web pages. If you are investing in the digital marketing process, this will make the task harder by masking the true data and creating inflated figures. There is a simple solution filter out your visits.

Exclude your visits with Google Analytics filters

Google analytics filters can be found in the Admin tab on your analytics account.  But you must do this process while using the Internet from the location that you want to block.

Access that admin from the gear at the bottom left of the main analytics screen.  On the admin page is three columns, the filter tab is on the far right half-way down.

While I can do this is words, it is easier to show you so I have made a video the covers the process fully. See Below

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To your success

Paul Harvey



Why You Must Use Adwords

Yes that is right I said you must use AdWords.

It is a total shock to me how many people with local or national businesses do not use the most powerful tool available.  Digital marketing and the tools at your disposal are the rocket booster that can bring an unlimited stream of new people into your business.

Yes, it costs to have me do this for you but even with my fees, the advertising it will be less than the comparable exposure with traditional advertising and the results will be quicker.

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Costs and Opportunities

What does a newspaper advert cost you,  well I have not checked in a while. But I would guess a reasonable size advert on page 3  or 4 of a local paper will be somewhere between £200 to £500. How many calls will that bring?

The Google difference.


When you use a Google page to search for information that is like using the yellow pages. A click on google search can be a little costly, but wait a minute these are real people looking to buy stuff now.



When you search or read other websites, you will see adverts, that is the Google version of newspaper adverts. These clicks cost a lot less that search as these people is not directly searching for the product, but the advert can be placed in strategic locations to maximise the possibility of interest. The hidden benefit of display advertising is the visibility brand recognition it offers. Your brand appears on other websites.


This is the most powerful tool in the digital arsenal the opportunity to advertise to people that have already been to your website. This facility has been revolutionary, the only way to do that in the real is to advertise on the front page of a newspaper every week. What would that cost?.

What will it cost you to take advantage of this amazing tool?

We set this up for you for £350/ month with a minimum commitment of 3 ad cost.