53 digital marketing tools you must master.

I saw the headline ” 53 digital marketing tools you must master ” on a blog post this week, I guess it was published at the turn of the year, you can find it here if you want to plough through it. Although you may want to watch the video first.

My thoughts were what the xxxx is that about. The full story is in the video, but reality check here could you master 53 digital marketing tools, that many, would you use all of them?


Who needs 53 digital marketing tools, here are my 5

53 digital marketing tools you must master.

The point is as a business owner you do not have the time to do this stuff, you have a business to run. For what it is worth in my opinion there are five tools that every business owner should have at least a working knowledge, if not some degree of mastery.




In the video I suggest five tools are all it takes to make a difference.

Google Analytics.  You need to understand the basics and the important data that makes the difference.

Google Adwords. The tool that changed the face of digital marketing. It gives every business owner the power to find customers. Yes, it has become more difficult to use and it does cost more but that is because it works. (Yes we do offer adwords support if you rather leave it to others)

Social Media. A business owner needs a working knowledge of social media, that does not mean being on every channel. It does mean have the knowledge of who your customers are and on what platform you will find them.

Copy Writing: This is the ability to write in a compelling style, a style the encourages your customers to engage with your website and your social media.

Photography and picture editing.  Every phone is equipped with a fantastic camera, the ability to do simple image edits like improve the colour, change the size or reduce the resolution.will see you right. Simple editing tools are available from your phone app store and there are online resources that will teach and serve.

So there you have it there is no need for 53 digital marketing tools you must master when five will do. But this does bring us on to another point.

Are you making the best of your digital marketing

It has been interesting to witness the development of digital marketing. I have been in the marketing industry since the telex machine, (See here ) experienced direct mail and witnessed the madness that was fax sales letters. The point is there have been many channels of sales communication and digital marketing is the latest derivation.

What makes this so revolutionary is the reach and access. Large companies, the multinationals have always been able to buy access to the market through branding and commercial TV. But never before in human history has this level of access been available to even the smallest business.

What makes it so unique is the level of targeting that is now available. In the past to reach a target market a company would select advertising based on the percentage of possible targets within the catchment of the programme of newspaper circulation.

With digital techniques, you just advertise to the people that you need to, what could be better than that?

A digital strategy that works for you.

At market that we specialise in developing your digital strategy. Yes, you do a bit of social media or place a few ads but what is it that holds it all together. Are you working towards a top line plan? To hear more about this check out the video below. I can write this it will be better if I explain it to you.

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