How to get what you want in your business in just 90 days.

YES! Getting Results in 90 days is possible, but first, is this you?

office-1974726_1280“I started this year with great plans to do it differently, not happening.”

“I have this project if I could just get it done it would make such a difference to my business.”

“I know we could be doing this better just not sure how to more forward.”


Are you in fear of failure or getting it wrong? Are you settling for less, DON’T you are worth more!

What is it that stops you from getting stuff done?

Call it what you will procrastination, resistance to change, lack of vision or inspiration or just too busy to consider how to move forward. There are so many reasons why we as business owners settle for less than we are worth or could achieve. Please stop doing this now, move towards success take some risks and claim your reward.

How to get what you want in your business and see results in 90 days.

Moving your business to the next level will take focused action and momentum.

There needs to be a direction or an intention or a goal that can be measured.
There have to be systems in place that will track your progress.
There must be something that holds you accountable to the agreement and process.

Do these three things be consistent and you will get what you want. There is the old saying that “nothing changes until you change something.” That is so true, so will you do it? Will you change something?

I know you are working hard to make your business a success. However, will you set aside the time to make the changes you need to reach your desired goals?

Need Support? Here it is.

Business Coaching 90 days to Success

This is a one to one service, on the telephone or through skype. It is a three-month process where I will help you results in 90 day define the key actions or tasks that will impact your business and see results in 90 days.

Each month there will be a 1-hour call, during our time together we will cover strategy and identify the core tasks that will move you and your business forward. We may choose to split that call into 2 x 30-minute sessions if that suits.

Together we will remove the blocks and define key tasks and actions to get you where you want to be. Working together we will make it happen.

There will be tools to track your progress, email accountability between the calls, penalties and rewards if needed. I will be your accountability and hold your feet to the fire if necessary.

This process has everything you need to get you where you want to be.

90 Days to Success Summary

Pre-Session Questionnaire
3 x 1-hour monthly calls (Could be 2x 30min)
Tracking tools
Email follow-up and support

Investment from you is £325.00

David Ellis Director Peaceful Solutions
Working with Paul is a real pleasure as he takes the time to understand me as a client and my specific business and our evolving needs. Affordable, interesting proposals and campaigns are presented with clarity and without sales pressure.It is easy to try new things with this level of support and safety.

moneyback2Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied that this process will work for you within the first 30 minutes of our first scheduled call you can have a full refund no questions asked.