Account Suspended: Sorry if you missed me

Account Suspended Website security can be an obsession and given the level of unsavoury types on the net; there is a good reason to be cautious.

Account Suspended, this site and all of my properties were suspended last week, because of obsession. The sorry episode is a story of poor communication followed by poor customer service.

Account Suspended: The Story

Last week was a bit of a blur, and I was chasing my tail, so all of my processes were running late. The net result was an email with the “New Office Offer” that was scheduled for Monday did not happen until Saturday.


Then Sunday morning my website, email and access to

everything got suspended AARRGH! !!!!!

The problem was an unsecured website plugin, which is not a threat just a potential threat. Back to the security obsession, I am thankful that the hosting provider is diligent around potential threats and took swift action. However cutting my service was too much too soon.

Life is about communication

I have begun to realise that everything that goes wrong is down to poor communication. I hold my hands up and say guilty there was a faulty plugin on my site. But had that been communicated well I would have done something about it?

What should have taken 5 minute

But because of their action what should have taken 5 minutes to resolve took 4 days. As I was locked out and unable to take action because I was locked out, finally we got there, and regular service has resumed. It has been a very frustrating 4 days with no email.

The message play fair and communicate

If you are working for a customer or client, communicate with them and keep them well informed, let there be no surprises. If your actions or processes are going to make life difficult or unpleasant, then give fair notice and warning.

On the upside, it has been quite with not a lot of email, on the downside, emails to me were possibly bouncing, so what did I miss?

Extended Offer

In the light of this sorry story, I have extended the offer on the 90 Days to business Success to those on my list, if you want access to that offer, please get on the list before the 8th of Feb. Use the Traffic Map post below.

To your success

Paul Harvey

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