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The State of Digital Marketing 2017

Achieving success online is a matter of applying a range of tools and strategies that are so much more than a well-designed website. Build it and they will come is just not true.

Every year sees new changes in the world of digital, new opportunities for engagement. At Market that we look for the opportunities that bring a direct return. Opportunities that do more that just add lines to the marketing to do list.

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I email twice a week at most, some of it will be musings of a digital marker. All of it will point to useful content that if you take action will be of service to you and your business.

Do you have a “Why”

My “WHY” is to move you forward in your business and if the information that I provide supports that then all the better. There is not such thing as doing it on your own! Every project that makes it big will need people at every step along the road. 

From time to time I will offer my support or services you many not need help now but you will.  In the meantime, I will send you this PDF it is a simple representation of the components required for a successful digital strategy.

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Traffic Map 4Using digital tools and techniques will guide your progress towards greater sales and profit. What’s more these tools once mastered can be applied just as effectively in the offline world.  The first step is the traffic map a visual plan for building sales and traffic online.

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