Anything is possible using digital techniques.

Our range of products and other services all fit around the process of digital marketing. Without question, all profitable businesses need two things:

1) A steady stream of prospects moving into the sales process

2) A conversion process that turns prospects into customers

With these in place, there is nothing to stop a business growing year on year. I do not offer a one size fits all service. The range of products has been steadily increasing over the last year as I take Market-that from a one-man consultancy and move towards the agency model. Currently, we are providing customers with the following services.

The Digital Marketing Systems

As the internet has matured so has digital marketing, it is 20 years since Google launch their AdWords system. What began as a simple advertising platform has grown into an industry worth Trillions of £s. In 2015 the UK spent £8.5 Billion on digital advertising a growth of 16% on 2014 and over 50% of the total UK advertising spend. This figure has grown over the years and digital spend is approaching 70% of all advertising revenue.

Data from IAB report April 2016

Content Marketing, Email and Newsletters.

There has never been a time when content, was not important. Now we live in the age of content, and every website must stay current, provide fresh, interesting material, for blogs and social media platforms.

We have access to a team of writers and content creators that can support your needs

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Once SEO was the dark side of getting a website to the number on page one in search results. Most of the tips and tricks have been squashed, as Google takes over every corner of the internet. The SEO industry took on the challenge and has matured into a professional industry. With the checks and balances that the search engines have in place; there is no cheating at SEO.

SEO as a source of Free Traffic is not for the faint-hearted.

So take care if you are offered a low-cost service it can do more harm than good. In competitive markets expect to pay over a £1000 a month to reach and hold a top position. In less competitive markets there is more opportunity but it will require an investment of time and resource.

We have relationships with some of the best SEO people on the planet. Access to these people and the service will cost more than most. But getting it wrong could do serious damage to your brand and reputation. Don’t mess with SEO give us a call.

What Can We Expect of the future

Augmented reality On A Smartphone Near You. More live video channels. Instant live video is booming on social media and youtube, where do you stand on the video revolution?


The Robots Are Coming

Artificial Intelligent searchIf you thought change had come, with AI around the corner you have seen nothing yet. Driverless cars and trucks, AI voice recognition and synthesis.

Don’t be a  dinosaur in the digital future.

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