I started writing this in January 2020 when the rubber normally hits the road for New Year’s resolutions and business plans. The truth is that most New Year’s resolutions have dissolved by the 15th of January, and the same can be said for most business plans, and in 2020 this became more critical than ever before.

It is very easy to set plans and goals during the downtime of the festive season, or in the euphoria of a new decade. But when we get back in the chair and the reality of daily work, those easy goals that we set don’t look quite so easy to achieve. The truth is, if you want to change stuff, you have to make changes. Your business won’t grow faster if you do the same as you did last year.

Holding To A Plan Requires Accountability

I know this is difficult. I’ve worked with over 200 companies in the last 15+ years, and the most significant challenge for everyone (including me) is sticking to the plan. This is because will power – while possible – has limits.

Will Power Alone Is Not Enough

Will Power is a limited resource. At the start of the day when the mind is fresh, it is easy to push through. However, do a few taxing tasks, have a few meetings and conversations and that is it. The brain gets tired and the will power is gone. There are good physiological reasons for this loss of performance, our brain only has so much capacity and it needs to be managed. We must choose our priorities carefully.

Turbo Coaching Gets Results

The best tool I have discovered for this is Turbo Coaching. It is a technique that I learnt to use during my coaching training. It helps you define the goal that you want to achieve, look at the reasons why you’re not getting to that goal, encourages you to comes up with strategies to solve the problems and then commits you to do something about it. I offer this service under the banner of Turbo Marketing to my business clients, and I also offer it under the banner of Focus Coaching to private individuals through the Life Passion & Business podcast website.

This Technique Works!

If you want to fast track towards your goal, get stuff done, or just stick to your objectives. These coaching and accountability sessions will make it happen.

The Process:

  • Book your first session using the link below.
  • We meet on Zoom, the video conferencing platform.
  • You will leave after 20 minutes with agreed actions.
  • A recording of the conversation will be emailed to you.
  • When you’re ready to take the next step you can book your next conversation.

You have the option to book calls as a one-off or in blocks of five. A block booking is the recommended way to go, as it creates the momentum needed to get your project completed or move you forward. My “thing” in life has always been helping people move forward. It is what I enjoy doing, so I have kept the service affordable. The cost of a single call is £100 and the block of five is £300 which is a 40% discount on the single call. This is an investment in you, it is about you achieving what you want. Book now:-

I can guarantee you will get clarity and a plan of action from our conversation and if you don’t feel that is true you can have a full refund. Don’t think about it book a call and let’s get going.

Paul Harvey