Business Networks

Business Networking in Inverness, Edinburgh, Aberdeen or where ever you live networking can be a powerful tool bringing in leads and connection into your business. But why is business networking so under-developed?

Business Networking

Life is About Growing Networks.

We all have networks, be it in life or with friends and family; they are the support net that helps us to get through everyday situations. We share our successes and troubles and support them in theirs. The connected world of social media has extended our networks the Twitter following, Facebook friends or Linkedin relationships. These connections are considered slightly different as they are not so much part of life as our real friends.

Our friends and family relationships are about love, mutual respect and support. We do not look at then from the perspective of how much can I get from them today. However, business networking seems to have a different feeling.

Business Networking or Prospect Hunting?

People change at networking events; business networking seems to bring out the best and the worst in people. These events get seen as prospect hunts or sales opportunities when they are just introductions.

There is the card collector: These are the people that make no attempt to connect with the room. They flit from person to person briefly introduce themselves then ask for your business card before moving on to collect another. You just know that on arriving at the office they are going to enter you into the database and send you emails like they know you.

Then there is the latch: This is the person that latches on and does not stop taking, they seek you out at breaks to continue the conversation.

Then the hard sell: You are greeted with a bone-crushing handshake and loud voice and introduction. “What do you do then. Ar.. Yes. I have got just the thing for you. Shall I sign you up for a dozen…

The Best Networkers

While networking is a social event, it is not a coffee or breakfast club we are there to make introductions that lead to business. There is a minority at events, people that know how to work the room and make you feel genuinely welcome. These are the people that move around with ease, somehow spending just enough time in each conversation. They don’t take or offer a card unless it seems right, they are fair with the conversation, and it all seems to have a natural balance.

If we can look at networking from that place of, “What can I give.” It will never go wrong. The video below explains how to look at networking from this direction.

Tips from the video

1 Always look for opportunities to introduce and support people within your network, and give.

2 Be clear who is your ideal client and create something that could be passed on to them, It needs to be something useful that could be read or actioned within 5 minutes.

3 Stay in touch with your network.

The above tips could be used in face to face relationships or online relationships. When was the last time you looked at your LinkedIn profile? You can see mine here. In my opinion, Linkedin is an underused tool, but more about that on my blog.

Happy to hear your views on networking, in the comments below on the other platforms.

To your success

Paul Harvey

Create the killer intro. How to build interest and curiousity

Create the killer introHow to create the killer intro is a bit of an art form, but with 15 minutes we can fix that.

At the bottom of this post, there is a 5 point process to help you develop you own. But first, lets us explore what it means to be interesting.

How to be interesting is about knowing what to say at the right time, it is an enviable skill and can change how you are perceived. Most people having been in business for a while are confident in how they present themselves. But raise the stakes a bit, and speaking can get a lot harder. We have all seen dodgy powerpoint presentations.  Now try to sell something or pitch to the big guns of your industry.

Celebrity Status Makes a Difference

Celebrities are interesting people or are they?  The media seem to think they are important and that in itself puts them on a platform and make us feel different about them. Is there a famous person that you would like to meet, what would you say? “I am a big fan of your work?” lame…

I would quite like to meet Kevin Mcloud; I wonder if he likes the Grand Designs. Or is that another lame question? So what would I say? Depends, if I was talking, I could hold a conversation, if I was selling that would be different.

Communication and Status

A few years back I had a working relationship with a famous name, while it was never said, it was somehow known not to speak about that part of their life. So we spoke about normal things as if that were possible when our lives were so different.

Fame or celebrity status only makes these people different in our heads. If they have put themselves in a position to have a conversation with you, they do not have the problem, you might. A good test if they want to speak. Are they surrounded by big guys with no necks and dark glasses?  Then don’t bother.

If I had asked, could I have leveraged that relationship? What would it have cost? The point is I could not raise my level of interest for them enough to drop the boundaries so we could not move beyond the working relationship. I had nothing to offer.

This is all well and good but what about the real world

What about meeting people in life or business. Are there any stars that would make you take a breath.

I guess it is a bit like the dragons den, could you pitch, Duncan Ballantyne, Deborah Meaden or Peter Jones? Are there any stars in your profession? Is there anyone that you could meet that would change your business. How would you feel, would you be ready?

Having followed some big player in the marketing field for some years, watching and listening to programs and training. I won a 15-minute coaching session with one of my Gurus, and I have to say for the first 30 seconds it felt weird. I said as much, and he laughed. Funny he is still a Skype contact, not that I would call without asking first. Boundary, I am not interesting enough, this call was relatively easy and not a sales situation. Pitching to him would have been very different experience and reality check I was his ideal customer, he was not mine.

Would you drop the ball?

Create the killer intro
The Elevator Pitch

The point is, given the right chance how ready are you to take the opportunity. Do you have an introduction that makes you proud, and the recipient interested enough to follow up with you?

What do you say, is it all about you and what you do, it is technical and a bit jargon? Call it an elevator pitch or what you will, the important point is will it be interesting or memorable? 

“Hi my name is Paul Harvey, I’m an internet strategist, and I develop systems for lead gen.”


” My name is Paul Harvey; we offer a total system that allows business owners to identify key leads. It allows them to focus their attention on the customers that matter. We specialise in high ticket products for B2B companies and those in the renewables sector.”

How does that sound any better? Possibly needs work, but can you see how it opens the door to more questions and it clearly identifies who we are looking for.

Now your challenge, can you create the killer intro?

His is a simple process to create an opening introduction, something the leaves the recipient in no doubt what you do and who you help. Who is your ideal client or contact, who do you want to speak to, start there?

1 Make a list.

2 What are their problems, what do they need?

3 Can you create the killer introduction, something that makes you stand out from the crowd?

Create the killer intro with the 5 step intro builder.create the killer into

My name is ____________
1 we ( help / offer / support)
2 to ( subject )
3 and solve (problem )
4 to get( solution)
5 for (Define target market or group.)



My name is Paul Harvey; (1)we offer a total system that allows (2)business owners to (3)identify key leads. (4)It allows them to focus their attention on the customers that matter. (5)We specialise in high ticket products for B2B companies and those in the renewables sector.”

While this is not a digital process, the work still applies because the result can be used in email or on social media. If you need help with this stuff or any of the nuts and bolts that make marketing happen, just get in touch. Over to you, do it now. 

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