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“Email crushing twitter & facebook”

Here at Market That we have always been big fans of email and seeing this headline did bring a smile. We are convinced that a well developed list would out perform any customer communication channel based on cost, reach and return on investment.

The hype is still all about social media but with Facebook page reach at less than 10% of your fans, why forget email when a modest list will will have an open rate at 25% or more. Most of our clients have open rates at around 45% and some are even higher.

Social media is great for spreading content, so you can imagine our interest in receiving a Linkedin update about an email report that was issued last year. This came from the marketing data people “Custora”  who provide systems for online businesses.

Reported by Marcus Wohlsen of Here are a couple of extracts and a link to the full post. Although the report was compiled from online retailer data, the results can be applied to any business.

“Despite the hype that inevitably clings to the newfangled, however, it’s relatively antique tech that appears to be far more important for selling stuff online. A report from marketing data outfit Custora found that over the past four years, online retailers have quadrupled the rate of customers acquired through email to nearly 7 percent. “

And further on.

“Custora’s findings don’t bode especially well for social media business models, especially Twitter. Of course, ads on Facebook and Twitter don’t have to lead to immediate clicks to have an impact. They still have the potential to raise ambient awareness. Yet Custora found that Google’s ads, by contrast, do lead not only to clicks but to purchases—the holy grail of “conversion.

This is no surprise to us. Social media is great, but when combined with an integrated approach of paid advertising and email follow up, it will provide a measurable conversion process and build equity into the future.

You cannot keep or communicate with a Facebook page ‘like’, but you can email and re-market to a list.

Full article here.

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Image: Custora