Established in 2005, Market-That was developed to provide business organisations and entrepreneurs with Digital Marketing and Coaching services. Over time it has grown into the Management Hub for a range of business services and projects.

With over 35 years in Marketing and Product Development I have seen a lot of changes in the industry and this requires being able to adapt and move with the times. As an entrepreneur, I am always on the look out to develop my own skills and ideas, and Market-That provides the flexibility to encompass it all.

This capacity for change enables me to meet the needs of my clients and support their businesses to grow and develop in the direction they choose.

Tomorrow is created out of the things you do today.

Currently our primary focus is on the podcast and client services related to it. Visit the Life Passion & Business website for full details.

This project began in 2018 with an enquiry into understanding what it takes for people to live with passion, meaning and purpose and the unique qualities successful people bring to the table.

It has been a fascinating journey of discovery and with well over 100 interviews, I have learnt a lot about people and what makes us tick.

With over 20 years working in London I witnessed profound changes in marketing and product development and gained first-hand experience of the growth and challenges of a small business’ transition into a national company with a turnover of £20 million-plus.

With the move to Scotland in 2004, I transitioned into Contract and Freelance work and launched Market-That in 2005.

Time is always short and calling in a coach requires stepping up to the mark to get things done!

After many years in business coaching, I have honed my skills into an effective strategy that supports clients to achieve their goals realistically and with a clear focus.

This project was launched in April 2020 just as the world went into lock-down, and fear was heightened around negotiating work and socializing in a potentially dangerous world.

Needless to say the response was tremendous, and the second and third events quickly followed in August and November 2020. Now in partnership with my wife who brings her administrative skills to the team, we are managing virtual events for other people and organisations.

I first stepped into Public Speaking in my early 20’s when I applied for an acting role in a local production. I soon discovered I had a lot to learn and signed up for a Professional Acting course which progressed into Public Speaking, Coaching and Leadership Training.

The launch of the Podcast and Virtual Conferencing has provided a forum to bring this to the forefront of my career, and I am available for bookings.

My Acting and Presentation training included a fair deal of Video work and throughout my career there have been numerous requirements for creating and editing video presentations, both live and pre-recorded.

Video Presentation Coaching came under the umbrella of Market-That as a result of requests of support from colleagues and clients.