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Digital Marketing is the Story of a Sale and Touchpoints

digital marketing

The Digital Marketing Review

What happens in a digital marketing review, it is always about the story of the sale and we explore your touch points

We explore the journey that you want your prospects to take. That is the journey where they discover a problem and the problem becomes a pain. It ends with them deciding to do something about it.

The idea is they will use you and your services to remove that pain. It is often called a sales funnel or the sales journey.

There are many stages on that road to the sale, however, there are three specific points that we can work with, and these are that the mindset of the prospect.

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Are you working with a content plan

What do I write about?

It is a common theme I hear from clients, this issue has a home, and I will get to it. The first question must be are working with a content plan?

I know I in my business I do not send enough email and it is such a powerful tool. Most successful online businesses have email marketing at the core of their marketing strategy. It is a measurable one to many communications tool, it is cost-effective, and has a fantastic return on investment.

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Digital Disruption is the New Armageddon

Photo by Christian Sterk on Unsplash

Digital Disruption will Change Everything

This website is changing as is the focus of my business, I am looking at Digital Disruption.

Since 2008 I have offered general marketing support to various businesses, many of them were companies I had relationships with as a business advisor in the Moray area.

This year is the shifting point and time to pivot into a new Direction. The name “market that” will stay for a while and yet that too may be up for change. The point is there is a storm coming.

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