I love working with people, helping them find their ‘zone’, developing their business and bringing their unique qualities to the world is my greatest joy. In 2017, I resolved to dig deeper into understanding what it takes for people to live with passion, meaning and purpose and the unique qualities successful people bring to the table.

This inquiry launched the ‘Life Passion & Business’ podcast in 2018. That was the start of a fascinating journey of discovery and delight and with well over 100 interviews, I learnt a lot about people and what makes us tick and it is through the podcast that I developed these Five Questions:-

Where is your passion, are you living it?

What does success look like for you?

What is your contribution to the world?

What is the one question people should be asking you? and…

In your experience, what is the meaning of life?

The questions have the power to shift from a static mindset to being fully engaged in the discovery that anything and everything is possible. This shift empowered me to focus on the areas of life and business that are the most fulfilling to me and I have created a Workbook to offer that opportunity to others. You can download it by clicking on the image above.

The weekly podcast conversations I am having with guests continue to be inspiring so I hope you’ll join me at…