The Golden Hour

Are you working with the Golden hour? Social media for many businesses is a fact of life, part of the business day. We all put loads of effort into creating content and put it out into the world in the hope that it will be engaging and help us find the perfect prospect.

So how does it feel when that perfect post gets no attention?

I know it gets very frustrating. The first thing to realise is that the content needs to be multifaceted. So work in themes and cover the matter from various angles over a few days. That will help attract the attention of people who are interested in that subject, and because you’re posing similar content over a few days, it will build the interest.

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How to be everywhere and the importants of advert frequency

How to be everywhere

This post is about how to be everywhere and advert frequency. It is the story of how to get your brand in front of your customers all the time. You and your business everywhere.

The point is people buy from people and organisations they know and recognised. Your business needs to be seen by the people that find you relevant and want or need your products, solution or services.

The question we get asked by clients is.

“What will work for my business?”

If you want a quick answer and a solution and tips on how to be everywhere, then go to the bottom of the page. If you want some background on advertising and how it has changed, then read on.

The world of Advertising and what has changed

Over the last 20 years, advertising has seen a radical shift, opportunities have grown exponentially, but consumer behaviours have also changed. During an average day, we experience many hundreds of adverts, so how aware are you and more importantly how many adverts do you consciously notice?

The advertising continuum is the medium of possible advertising platforms and channels.  We experience the full range of advertising every day when driving or travelling on public transport. Listening to the radio, watching TV, on the phone,  letters and post,  newspapers, mobile apps, internet searching and social media. Clearly, there are more opportunities for promotion and advertising than there has ever been.

Advert Frequency

Has it worked do we see more adverts?

The growth in advertising platforms has created much debated, leading to extensive research. Some marketers claim that advert exposure has risen from a few hundred in the 1940s to thousands per day.

While the platforms and range have grown, it turns out that we have become more skilled at tuning then out or turning them off.  Yes, I do fast forward the adverts when watching a recording. For my parents, the TV ads used to be a signal to put the kettle on and make a cup of tea.


What did the growth in advertising platforms achieve?

The table above is from a study by Media Dynamics, Inc. It shows the growth in media, the relative exposure and more importantly the noted adverts.

It is beginning to look like growth in adverting has developed an industry but not changed the market. We are exposed to a lot more advertising, but we do not consciously see it.

What has changed with the new platforms is the ability to identify the target and find matching markets and customers.

Why Advert Frequency and Consumption.

There are two forms of advertising direct enquiry and search or interrupt. Direct would have been the yellow pages, but now more likely to be a Google search.

An interrupt is advertising that appears while you are doing something else, this type of promotion makes up the majority of the advertising we see. Because you are interrupting an activity, it will require repetition and be attractive enough to draw attention, to seen by the target group.

It is the repeat that brings familiarity and builds brand awareness

The Power of Repetition and Ad frequency

how to be everywhere Those old 60s and 70s ads for soap powder where the brand name was repeated by the actor again and again. Dreadful but effective.

Now here are the stats,  back in the day that repetition was enough to cause a shift in brand recognition and market share. Consumers only needed to see an advert 5 to 6 times to have an effect.

At the time the advertising continuum was relatively small just, Radio, TV and paper/billboards  It was easy to map consumer activity between these platforms.

In the 21 century, the continuum has grown with a range of platforms, and the big factor is that everything is now dwarfed by digital, on mobile phones, tablets, in-app purchases, games consoles, etc.

What this means is that whereas once 5 to 6 contact points were needed to get consumer awareness, it is now over 20 points of contact.

What works and how be seen 20 plus times?

Be everywhere is possible because with the tools and channels you can appear to be everywhere. With a modest budget and lots of time, you can be on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,  Twitter and appear all over the web.

Social is not the answer

The question is, do you need to be?

NO! This is not about spreading yourself or your business across multiple channels.

The secret to how to be everywhere is simple; you just have to appear to be everywhere to the right people.

Below is a video, checklist and action points for you to implement this in your business.

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The secret of how to be everywhere

Here is the checklist for how to be everywhere

1 Jump in simple and immediate:

Use the local targeting and display advertising on google or facebook. With accurate targeting, display advertising is a cost-effective tool, and your brand is seen regardless of the customer clicking the advert. Used well and directed to relevant pages it will build reputation leading to the sale.

2  The Power of Retargeting

Both Facebook and Google offer retargeting / remarketing systems. This is the real secret for how to be everywhere. Using some code on your website it allows you to reconnect with people that visited your site. Even for a few moments. This process can be tailored to connect with all or your visitors or just those that stayed for a given moment or visited particular pages. We have all experienced pair of shoes or the new must-have gadget showing up in our web browsing. That is bad remarketing done well it will support your brand and business goals.

For help with this process get it touch here  or use the action list below to do it yourself,

Action Points 

1 Check you have Google Analytics on your website.

2 Sign up for a Google AdWords account, (Ask us we may have some Free advertising vouchers) and note the ten digit number. Make sure you have a web page on your site with cookies and privacy policy.  It is a requirement when using these tools.

3 Back inside analytics under admin/ property/ product linking. Connect your AdWords and Analytics together, That Ten Digit number.

4 Still, inside Google analytics go to admin/ property/audience definitions and create the relevant groups for.  All visitors,  Last seven days or page sequence. Many options.

5 Login into Facebook and set up an advertising account, In the account, management area looks for the pixel and get that code applied to your website.

6 Start a locally targeted ad campaign in Google using three adverts to one landing page on the Display network only.  You are starting to build your audience. The budget will be dependent on your market, £5.00/ day is a good start, and a max CPC of 50p.

7 After a month you will have an audience and can start to use retargeting to keep talking to your web visitors. From their perspective, you will be everywhere.

Good Luck this is just the start of a great opportunity.

For help with this process get it touch here 






How to build your Audience, Blogs and Social Media

How to build your audience, simple, turn up your audience expects it!

Whatever the content platform from writing your blog to keeping up with social media it is consistency that counts far more than the quality of the content. The search engines and social media platforms are the information pipes of society, and they will reward those that provide the water as in our content to flow in those pipes.

How to build your audience and with your social credit score

Just like your credit score, it improves as you pay the bills on time every month. Consistent writing and posting develop your social capital with the platforms and your audience. That is how to build your audience.

Posting a blog weekly and publishing and daily social media activity change your life. Yes, it will cost you time, but the rewards are worth the investment.

How to build your audience

Over the last year, I have invested time on the social platforms, but I am not the best avatar for this strategy. A bit like the builder with the half build house I am not a shining example as my blog posting can be erratic. I tend to focus my creative efforts on my customers, and I think I wanted to see the results before I committed my time and limited resource.

 Is it Quality or Quantity

Then, of course, we get to the question of quality or quantity. If I am going to commit to daily writing does quality matter? Yes, and No. We are in a busy world and people while interested; they do want to read something of value, and they want to be entertained.

Reality check: As content creators, we don’t just arrive on the scene polished and ready to deliver gems of wisdom. We have to find a voice and subject that resonates with the audience and the only way to discover that is to write a lot and get it out there. In some ways, your audience will find you.

Unknown to Well known in 30 Days

So when I returned to LinkedIn earlier this year, I was both impress and inspired by Kristina Evans. In the space of 30 days, she went from unknown to well know just by writing 3 posts a week and commenting on LinkedIn. Clearly showing up and writing was what mattered.  I reached out to Kristina, and she was kind enough to get on the phone and talk about her journey.

This recording has been around a while, the audio plugin I use on this blog did not work on mobile phones. I resolve the issue by uploading to YouTube, with a few images.

The recording is worth a listen, Kristina explains her journey and gives a few insights into how life changed now she as a following.  Incidentally if written content is a chore video and audio can be a more forgiving medium to express your ideas. You can find my daily videos on the market-that Facebook page.

If you are wondering how digital marketing could support your business book a free consultation on the contact page above, or follow my posts on Facebook and Linkedin