Fears Risk and Scarcity is a powerful driver.

There was an advert on a few websites last week; it was for a face mask. Of course, it was a reaction to COVID19, but what is driving the panic. To me it is all about, fears risk and scarcity.    The advert led me to write a post for LinkedIn called  Where is the […]

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The Golden Hour

Are you working with the Golden hour? Social media for many businesses is a fact of life, part of the business day. We all put loads of effort into creating content and put it out into the world in the hope that it will be engaging and help us find the perfect prospect. So how […]

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Digital Marketing is the Story of a Sale and Touchpoints

The Digital Marketing Review What happens in a digital marketing review, it is always about the story of the sale and we explore your touch points We explore the journey that you want your prospects to take. That is the journey where they discover a problem and the problem becomes a pain. It ends with them deciding […]

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