Fears Risk and Scarcity is a powerful driver.

There was an advert on a few websites last week; it was for a face mask. Of course, it was a reaction to COVID19, but what is driving the panic. To me it is all about, fears risk and scarcity. 

The advert led me to write a post for LinkedIn called 

Where is the opportunity or wave to ride? Sadly fear is a powerful driver.

The guys at AusAir have been developing a face mask for the last four years as a response to air pollution in Australia and the Far East. It filters out the PM10 particles and uses botanicals to mask the smell of city life and pollution.

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The Golden Hour

Are you working with the Golden hour? Social media for many businesses is a fact of life, part of the business day. We all put loads of effort into creating content and put it out into the world in the hope that it will be engaging and help us find the perfect prospect.

So how does it feel when that perfect post gets no attention?

I know it gets very frustrating. The first thing to realise is that the content needs to be multifaceted. So work in themes and cover the matter from various angles over a few days. That will help attract the attention of people who are interested in that subject, and because you’re posing similar content over a few days, it will build the interest.

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Digital Marketing is the Story of a Sale and Touchpoints

digital marketing

The Digital Marketing Review

What happens in a digital marketing review, it is always about the story of the sale and we explore your touch points

We explore the journey that you want your prospects to take. That is the journey where they discover a problem and the problem becomes a pain. It ends with them deciding to do something about it.

The idea is they will use you and your services to remove that pain. It is often called a sales funnel or the sales journey.

There are many stages on that road to the sale, however, there are three specific points that we can work with, and these are that the mindset of the prospect.

See the Video below

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