Managing the Email Madness

Managing the email madness, I love email but there are time when the inbox becomes a filing cabinet. Below is an interesting video from Google Tech Talks. Merlin Man has a concept call “Zero Inbox”. That means every time you check the email you process and empty. Here is a 5 step process to tame the email madness.

Email Choices
Choices for an email

There areĀ  5 options are Delete, Delegate, Respond defer and Do.

He is not big on filing. I do not agree with this, I keep emails (particularly training) from my competitors or aligned businesses. I like to look for pattern, see the promotions and timing of promotions.



I have several email addresses and use an alias, this keep clutter out of the inbox. The video is worth a look, you may want to skip through bits as it is over an hour. ( I did )

I hope you find it useful.


Which Social Media Platform Drives Sales

Social Media Logotype BackgroundWhich Social Media Platform Drives Sales. What started as a nice place to hang out and meet people is really bringing in the sales. In the beginning social media was seen as a another channel into the market place, with emphasis on the social. A place for the trivia of life.

Now it is the place to be for a large sections of the populace. Once that critical mass was reached the big brands had to follow and they moved in with money and professionalism. The pictures of lunch mover over for images of real food and brand campaigns.

The sales are really happening and a new report from shows how. They analysed data from 37 million social media visits that led to 529,000 orders. Most of these sale came through Facebook which had the highest conversion rate for all social media e-commerce traffic at 1.85%

There were some surprises in the stats, click the image below to see the full report and info graphic.

How does the help you are you getting sales through social media? Regardless of this success social media must be seen

as another channel in your marketing plan and integrated with other tools. What this report does not show is these successes related to other aspects of the marketing mix, for many of the larger brands social media is one of many sales tools.

For the smaller business you have to be on social media but is worth reviewing the process. While this is working for the brands social media does take time energy and resource. Make sure it is right for your business and fits in with other sales marketing processes. There may be other more direct channels that could serve your business better.


Social Media Platform Drives Sales

Which Social Media Platform Drives Sales
The report