The Power of Story

We all love to hear a story. The Bible is a series of stories. The Buddhist tradition uses story. There are stories everywhere. The point is that life is all about stories from the news to your neighbors adventures at her daughters wedding to the nightly news or the twitter feed.  As marketers and owner of a business, it is critical that we use story to spread our message.

So I need to tell you a story,  Cortijo Romero is retreat centre in Spain. When I start working with the organisation three years ago, they had been hit by the changes in the Google algorithm and lost most of their website traffic.

With IT support, we addressed the technical issues on the site. But in a two-fold process, we started an email communication strategy with the existing client base. We interviewed the original owner and asked about the journey that lead to the creation of the centre. Then we explored the new owners story; it could be seen throughout the 25-year history that the original impulse that started the centre was still part of its ethos.

By sharing these origin stories with the client base, it built trust and interest to the point where clients began to share their stories on the Facebook page. All of this interaction builds a community of like-minded people.   Three years on the business is thriving and well beyond its Google problems.

How are you using stories in you sales and marketing messages?

Do you have an origin story, how it all began? Think Grand Design.

Do you ask for stories from your customers?

If you would like support to uncover the stories in your business, book a Discovery Call that is 30 minute free to see what is possible for your business. There will be a story to tell.

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