Managing the Email Madness

Managing the email madness, I love email but there are time when the inbox becomes a filing cabinet. Below is an interesting video from Google Tech Talks. Merlin Man has a concept call “Zero Inbox”. That means every time you check the email you process and empty. Here is a 5 step process to tame the email madness.

Email Choices
Choices for an email

There areĀ  5 options are Delete, Delegate, Respond defer and Do.

He is not big on filing. I do not agree with this, I keep emails (particularly training) from my competitors or aligned businesses. I like to look for pattern, see the promotions and timing of promotions.



I have several email addresses and use an alias, this keep clutter out of the inbox. The video is worth a look, you may want to skip through bits as it is over an hour. ( I did )

I hope you find it useful.