Yes I had tears in my eyes for our loss and more.

Yes I had tears streaming down my face

I want 2017 to be different, and that starts by getting out there and giving value.

So the first Webinar of 2017  is Thursday 5th 2 pm and here is why.

2016 what a year of endings, change and political upheaval. For most, it’s the people that have left that had the greatest effect. Public figures and icons, Prince, Bowie & Cohen, heavy losses.

But for me, it was George Michael. He was one year younger than I, and very much part of my generation.

george_michael_symphonica_10I watched the tribute a 2012 recording of the live concert from the Paris opera house and had tears in my eyes and rolling down my face. George was talking about Phil Ramone, (his producer on the album and concert material.) and that Phil died before seeing the recording. Little did George know that four years on, he would also be gone.

Talented people leave us a legacy, so while they have left, we can still experience and appreciate their work.

My tears while for George were also for the people that have gifts to share and do not realise them.



While we live, we have a duty to honour life and make a difference where we can.

People will remember George for his music, what will be my legacy?

What can I give that will make a difference? Having sat on this question since Christmas. I looked at it from the perspective of my purpose; it has always been to move people forward; I was a coach before I became a coach.

I choose to work in the business space, and I bring tools and knowledge to support both business and personal growth.

Do you want to make changes to your life or business in 2017?

Did your process and plans in 2016 work for you?

How would you like to make an impact early in 2017?

What follow may not be for you, and I wish you a happy new year and every success.

If you answer was YES, then this is for you.

“Let’s get stuff done.”

A 3-month programme of support and coaching that will start on the 9th Jan. It will use a combination of google docs a Facebook group and webinars. I have created this quickly following the events of the last week. It will be an exploration for all of us and it will take you forward.

The price is £100, and while I would give it away there has to be a cost to value my time and for you to put attention and value into the process.

Discover more about this programme on the FREE intro webinar on Thursday 5th it will explain the process and what we will be doing together.

If you just want to buy in now, the page is here. 

This programme may not be for you, and that is good too; I wish you every success for 2017.

Happy New Year

Paul Harvey

PS. I will leave you with a comment I read on Facebook following Georges death. “Don’t die with your song inside you for the love of God, SING.”