Are you working with a content plan

What do I write about?

It is a common theme I hear from clients, this issue has a home, and I will get to it. The first question must be are working with a content plan?

I know I in my business I do not send enough email and it is such a powerful tool. Most successful online businesses have email marketing at the core of their marketing strategy. It is a measurable one to many communications tool, it is cost-effective, and has a fantastic return on investment.

As a rule brick and mortar businesses do not see email for the powerful tool that it is. However, to get any success, there has to be a plan.

As with anything, your communication must be compelling.

Humans are story machines we love them. Even little bits of narrative create a connection with the reader. So if you want your emails or your social media posts read it has to feature a story, something that engages interest and curiosity.

In our busy world, we are vying for the time and attention of our audience.

Do you struggle what to say beyond hello,  here is a simple structure that you can use to create content and long-form posts on social media?

The compelling headline

something like

How many times has that happened?


What would you do next?

Intro with a story that connects the headline, use a detail about life or what is going on in the world. It is the conversation opener, the sort of thing you do when meeting a friend for real.

Relate the story and give some useful supporting information.

Now is the point to tell people what you have to offer and how it can help them with their problems.

Then close with a call to action. ¬†( That is the “click here” ) for more information, or you can buy it here.

It is a simple structure, and it will get you started.

Are you working with a content plan

While writing may be part of the problem the bigger issue is the lack of a well-structured plan.

Much of this work is done by a business owner but without an objective beyond getting more sales. Hence the subject is just plucked from the air. With more structure, the subject matter can be researched and the writing gets so much easier.

Social media is good, email is better, but use erratically it is marketing without a target.

As a rule, while most people will dabble with both, sadly they do not build communities and grow lists or send enough email. Really!

The truth is it all takes a plan, and that is where I can help.
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