Digital Marketing is the Story of a Sale and Touchpoints

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The Digital Marketing Review

What happens in a digital marketing review, it is always about the story of the sale and we explore your touch points

We explore the journey that you want your prospects to take. That is the journey where they discover a problem and the problem becomes a pain. It ends with them deciding to do something about it.

The idea is they will use you and your services to remove that pain. It is often called a sales funnel or the sales journey.

There are many stages on that road to the sale, however, there are three specific points that we can work with, and these are that the mindset of the prospect.

See the Video below

Unaware, in pain but do not know it.
Aware, in pain but not enough to take action
Acute, In terrible pain and keen to solve it.

At each stage, there is an opportunity to build a relationship so that when the time comes to take action, you are the first on the list.

Touchpoints & Frequency

When I grew up, there was very few touchpoints. Advertising meant TV, Newspapers national or local, leaflets. That was it, done.

Building connections and working with the three stages would have taken some time. So the focus would always be on the last stage of the journey. The pain point and as there was not much distraction three to four points of contact would be enough to drive the sales process.

Now in 2019, the digital marketing world has changed everything it has shifted, the frequency by which we see the promotional material has increased. Before the digital age, there were limited channels, and they were only affordable to big brand advertising.

Brand strategies never worked for small companies they did not have the spending capacity.

The range of channels available now is astonishing, Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and a variety of other smaller platforms. Direct advertising through email, Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and mobile phone app advertising

We can now touch people at every stage of the journey, and where touchpoints were 3 to 4, we are now looking at 15 to 20.

The touchpoints have increased significantly, and that’s why it is essential for any business to,

1 Work on where those touchpoints are.

2 Create material and content for each stage of the journey

3, Make sure that you are promoting your products or services at those points of connection.

Digital marketing has changed the world, and it will continue to do so.

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