Why Ain’t You Using Digital Marketing?

Ok that was a cheesy title but the fact remains I am still meeting people have not woken up to the world of digital marketing. The pace of change is faster that it has ever been and it is set to get faster. What was working a year back will not work as well. If it was working 2 years back is almost dead today.

What is Your Current Strategy

Are you a social media marketer, do you use traditional channels like newspapers or magazines and flyers. Yes, it all works. However,

Can you track results and tie the response through to a sale?

Is it possible to model the process and repeat it to get another customer?

Technology is here to stay, mobile phone are in constant development, the power of these devices will rival that of desktop machines within a couple of years. We are not going to back in time to the sedate days of the yellow pages and business directories, it is not going to happen. Check out the video for more thoughts on this.

Can Digital Marketing Help Your Business

If you want a direct conversation on how digital marketing can impact your business. Book a discovery call. It is free, an opportunity to explore what you do, how digital can help and point you in the right direction.  Yes if I think the fit is good I will offer our services.