Why do people buy & the scale of market awareness.

Why do people buy
Why do people buy, what are the stages

There is the route or the journey to a sale.

I have spoken on this blog many times about the sales journey. Why do people buy, when speaking about this I often liken it to the process of buying a new car?

You might be happy with your car until your circumstances change:

That could be a change of job where you need to make longer journeys or to carry more stuff. Maybe the family needs have changed or the car is just getting old and unreliable.

Now the journey to the new car begins. What are you going to buy, how will it be financed, how to find it, second hand or a dealer and on and on….

These ideas were brought back to me last week while watching a webinar on copywriting. Lukas Resheske is a direct response copywriter, he is writing copy for some of the biggest names on the Internet. Direct response is the type of writing that gets people to take action, it can be websites, but more often it is letters and direct mailing.

Why do people buy

There were many useful nuggets in this conversations, but the biggest take-away for me was the idea of a scale for market awareness. In the model that Lukas describes there are 5 layers to the scale, at one end is the core audience and at the other is the no interest prospect.

I spoke to Lukas following the webinar to get more clarity on his model.

” I didn’t develop the original idea, but I modified it heavily when I talk about it. The original concept is in Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz, but Gene wrote BA in 1966, before the Internet and social media. My Awareness levels are modified accordingly. ”  Lukas Resheske

Check out the video below for a full explanation.

I hope you found this useful, check out the youtube channel or the market-that facebook page for other videos and useful content.

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