Wednesday Webinars


This coming week Wednesday 26th February the subject is


Setting price is a massive subject, and most businesses have problems with it at some point.

We all have to set a price for products or services that we offer. It’s the one thing that causes everybody to stumble, including myself.

How do you set a price?
How do you raise a price
Promotions and Discounts

I will tell you some client stories around pricing, plus my journey with it.

It will be a great webinar; I am looking forward to sharing it with you as I know you will find something useful.

What are your pricing problems? Send me your questions, I want to hear about your thoughts or challenges with pricing.

If you can get them to me before Wednesday, I will make sure that I cover them on the webinar

The link for that webinar below

How to Stay legal when using

customer data for digital marketing

February 19th 2020

Claire Beckley (Ordered Ltd) is a lawyer who works exclusively in the field of data compliance. We had a fantastic conversation on Wednesday 19th where she spoke for an hour and we could have gone on all night.  What was clear is that the world of data management and compliance is both fascinating and complex.

My big take away was that most businesses have work to do in this area, including mine.

I thought the conversation could become a bit heavy, but now it was brilliant and well worth a listen.  The replay is still available and you can find it here.