The Golden Hour

Are you working with the Golden hour? Social media for many businesses is a fact of life, part of the business day. We all put loads of effort into creating content and put it out into the world in the hope that it will be engaging and help us find the perfect prospect.

So how does it feel when that perfect post gets no attention?

I know it gets very frustrating. The first thing to realise is that the content needs to be multifaceted. So work in themes and cover the matter from various angles over a few days. That will help attract the attention of people who are interested in that subject, and because you’re posing similar content over a few days, it will build the interest.

Develop the Story


That’s why it’s essential to have a social media strategy. Build content around events and actions. So if you’ve got an or an offer create the story around it.

For example, I’ve got a webinar happening on Wednesday about email Marketing. So in the next few days, I will publish lots of stats and interesting things about email leading up to the webinar.


Here is the Game-changer.

All of the social channels have a big problem; there is more content than there is room to display it. The platforms have no idea how to choose who gets to see what. So they have to come up with their solution to manage who gets to see who’s content.

We call it the algorithm, and its a secret.

All we can do is try to reverse engineer what is going, by looking at outcomes from actions.

The Golden hour.

Let’s look at LinkedIn works. As you publish something, LinkedIn will show that content to about 5% of your audience; these are the people that they think are most likely react to your post.

If there’s a favourable reaction and that means likes but more importantly actual comments, it opens the door to more views. It is the comments that drive the process.

So if I come in your post, my audience will get to see your post. Also, because I commented a more significant percentage of your audience would see that you were having a conversation. Now, this process is self-feeding a more people comment it get shown to a bigger and bigger proportion of people.

For a post to get maximum reach and impact with your audience, it must all happen within the first hour. Hence the term golden hour.

A bit of context I posted this piece of content,

it had zero interaction, and as you can see 94 views.


Evidence of the golden hour

Whereas this post with its 36 comments has over 1000 views

So how do you make this happen?

There are two roads to the golden hour a long one and a short one, and that will be a topic for next weeks blog.