The Digital Marketing Review is like a business gap analysis. We look at your digital systems to discover what is working and what is missing. More the point we look at what will work for you and your business objectives.




In this digitally disrupted world we have to look at what you do in a completely different light, can you specialise or niche down your market? We have to demonstrate your value and build your brand so that there is no other choice for your prospect but you and your business or service.

The Digital Marketing Review

There are 2 options that take you to a scheduling page to book time with me.

Option 1: Free

The Digital Marketing ReviewA 20-minute free conversation where you get some direct advice. I am looking to explore so happy to share the journey.

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Option 2 Not Free £100 but with a money back offer 

The Digital Marketing ReviewIf you are serious and want to test your strategy and get better then take action. Book an hour of my time, it comes with a 30-minute money back guarantee. That means if within the first 30 minutes you or I think that it is going nowhere I will give you a full refund. During our time together we will explore how you might use digital techniques working for you rather than against you.

Money Back Offer, Book Here 

What people have said:

Working with Paul is a real pleasure as he takes time to understand me as a client and my specific business and our evolving needs Affordable, interesting proposals and campaigns are presented with clarity and without sales pressure. It is easy to try new things with this level of support and safety.

David Ellis Director Peaceful Solutions

I was delighted by the enthusiasm Paul expressed during our meetings. It was a pleasure to talk. Very efficient – always came back quickly to me with suggestions. The main thing is that I trusted his opinion, followed his advice and we are very satisfied with the results. If you are considering working with Paul I would recommend you go ahead and have no fear.

Nigel Shamash  La Roane Yoga & Retreat Centre France