The Posh Hotels and Re-marketing Pixels

Posh Hotels and Remarketing Pixels
The posh hotel where no one speaks?

How are posh hotels and remarketing pixels connected?

Imagine you walk into a posh hotel; the decoration is gorgeous, really sumptuous. The reception is empty so you walk by and head to the bar area. There are fabulous sofas and coffee tables with magazines and attractive settings. You cannot see any staff, and that’s ok because you are not a customer. You are not talking to them and hopefully, they are not talking to you. You explored a bit further and decided to leave.

Could that happen?

Would a posh hotel allow you to wonder around and the staff not take any action to encourage you to become a customer? I doubt that would happen and yet online it happens all the time.

The Remarketing Pixel

There are thousands of some beautiful websites out there in web land and like our pretend hotel they make no attempt to connect with prospects. There are many options to connect, from email systems, quizzes, and surveys.  However, there one option that requires minimal effort and is so underused. It is the google and facebook remarketing pixels. These littles bit of code collect details of your website visitors storing that information in a list that you can access through advertising.  It is a powerful marketing advantage and costs nothing to set up.

In my work I see a lot of websites, in fact, this post was prompted by a local company that has just had a site makeover. It is good looking site and just as in my hotel example does none of the above.

The Facebook and Google tags matter 

Why does it matter? Have a little journey with me, how often do you look at a website and buy something on a first visit? We all troll Amazon for interesting things to put on the wish list. I visit other sites all the time and very seldom do I buy on the first visit. I am sure you do the same.

What does that tell you?

Your customers do the same thing.
That is why it’s critical for us when marketing any business to have these things in place. These simple scripts put on your site allow both Google and Facebook to build lists of people that are interested in your products
Using the advertising platforms of Facebook or Google, adverts for your service can appear on the Facebook newsfeed or various websites throughout the internet.

What is £5 per click or 40p?

Obviously, you’ve got to pay money for the advertising. However, these clicks cost so much less then if you were directly trying to attract those customers. As an example, one of my professional service clients could be paying over £5 a click if they were looking to advertise their services directly. Using a remarketing, they’re paying less than 40p to 45p per click. That is the value of building a remarketing list.

Why Wait? Do it Now.

The reason it is so important to do this now is that if you want to use this list at some point, they have to be built you can’t just turn it on. Because it will take a few months or maybe even a year to make a list. What you’re doing today is preparing the ground for that potential future advertising.

Now if you are in a rush and want to build lists quickly, there are options,  but that’s a different conversation and a subject for a later article.