The Poor Facebook Reach Affair


Facebook Reach
Poor Facebook Reach

I have been shocked of late at how poor facebook reach on pages has become. We have known this has been happening for some time. They are really tightening the screws and it is almost a fully pay to play environment for a page profile.

I was reading a post on Social media today by Laurent Francois.  He opens the post with. “It’s not an urban legend: the organic reach that a brand gets through a fan-page is collapsing.”

Facebook are saying the right things, it is all about engagement and interaction. They have a point if people are  not writing on your page and commenting on posts than you are not engaging. But wait a minute if they cannot see your post because facebook is not showing it to them, then how can they engage. Lets be fair these people did like our page which in my book does mean they want to see our news feed.

This is a circle here that needs to be broken. Of course facebook would like you to break it by paying them money. Well if you have the budget and can track facebook activity directly to sales income then paying is a good option and very effective it can be with the right targeting. However I know most people came here because it was free and paying was not part of the deal. But for some facebook is a successful sales environment see last post.  Which-social-media-platform-drives-sales

If this option of paying is not on the table then look to promote your posts in other media, email , twitter etc. If you have a new page and looking to build traction without external support using email or another working list then advertising is the only option. Then you have to ask is it really worth it?

There is a game being played out here, who owns the audience? I think we are only just at the start of it see the full article on Social Media Today Laurent makes  some interesting conclusions and in his opinion Facebook could loose this battle. For the full article see here  or click the image below.

Despite all I will stick with FB for the moment hence the comment box.


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