Move your marketing to the next level

Are you looking to move your marketing to the next level?

Paul HarveyHave you thought of joining a webinar based training and support group?

Following a recent post on Facebook I have been thinking about how to serve those looking to market their own projects. Over the last few years it has been getting more difficult to make a mark in both the on and off line world.

In my opinion much of this is down to the growth of media channels, our customers are now spread out across a range of platforms. Keeping up with it all can feel like running backwards.

During this time I have developed a system that simplifies the process taking out much of the running. It is something that can be applied to any size of project although does require funding.

The internet has moved out of FREE both Facebook and Google are now pay to play environments. We can lament the passing of free traffic or see it as a great opportunity. The combination of a little money spent in the right places and some free web visitors can take your project above the competition that are still looking for a free lunch.

If you are looking to move your project to the next level and would like to be part of a webinar based training and support group please complete the form below.

There is no obligation in this, it is just a fact finding mission on may part. Any information that you give will be in confidence and will support the development of a programme.

I look forward to reading your comments

Paul Harvey


Marketing Training & Support Group


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