Why Email Marketing for local business

Why is email so important? Because it has become the most direct communication method that there has ever been. How often do you check your email now that is flows into your phone?  Why is email such an important marketing tool for local business? While it is used but the large operations it is a very effective for local marketing.


Use well it becomes the backbone of a powerful marketing system, a tool that leads to more customers and greater profits.  This is because turning a new contact into a prospects and then into a customer is a question of relationship. Do they Know Like and Trust you enough to commit to your services or buy your product.

What is it that is that tips people in favour of you or your business?

The clue is in the like and trust. When spending money or committing to work with someone we want to like them, feel confident with them and enjoy the interaction. It is about the relationship. As a local marketing tool, this is ideal they may already know you. There is a relationship there, to begin with, and your emails will reinforce that message.

The sale is a journey

The process of moving a contact along a path to become a prospect and on to be a customer is a journey for them. For marketers, it is called a sales funnel. This is a multi-step process and requires the contact to be nurtured informed and guide towards a place of wanting to work with us or buy our products.

It requires sending more email, and you may find this uncomfortable, it has been said that email is almost a manipulation. Be assured this is not magic marketing voodoo; it is more of a filtering process where customers read and following our communication, they choose to follow the trail.

The world is a busy place

In our multi-channel connected world, our prospects receive hundreds of messages every day, yet email is still one of the most significant communication tools for building a relationship.

Appearing in the in-box or increasingly at the smartphone, keeps awareness of our business in the prospect’s mind. This gives us the opportunity to direct them to other content on our website or social media channels or to pick up the phone. It is a personalised advert with no competition.

10% of sales conversions are delivered through email.

Latest research from some of the biggest organisations suggests that 10% of sales is delivered through the email relationship. When compared to other media, email is a low-cost channel with a strong return on investments of both time and resource.

Are you sending enough email, how are you doing it and can you measure the results?

Your emails must be interesting

It is not just as simple as sending more email, it is about sending an email that your customers and prospects want to read and will find interesting. This can take some thinking about, however, there is always something new to write about that will connect you with the audience  As a marketing tool for a local business this is a perfect opportunity to explore local events or explore local news.

Modern email service providers have a range of tools that track delivery and email performance. They allow a business to send personalised newsletters or a whole sequence of messages based on information the customer has provided. If you are still sending email through in-house systems or on web-based platforms like google or yahoo, you are missing a vital piece of on-line technology.

If you would like to have a system installed and integrated to your website you could be up and running is just a few day.  Depending our your systems and needs, installations start at £300

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