The Simplicity of Marketing Coaching.

Why would you need it? 

The biggest challenge for any business is that mix of doing the work and maintaining
the lead flow to get new work. That means keeping the marketing systems running. 

Now that is fine for the well established and staffed operation or the corporate
listed PLC with considerable budgets to match. 

As an entrepreneur, consultant or B2B service provider,
you are wearing many hats. Lead generation is another one on the list. 

Strange World…

Here is Our Problem. 

When you set out on this journey, the plan was to do your thing, server your people and get paid
well for the benefits that you bring. That was my plan, but is not that simple, is it? 

We are in a bizarre world from a marketing perspective. Even the top people like Drayton Bird ( now 83 ) say it is marketing @#*&ed 

Once upon a time, a business owner could put a flyer together, create an advert for magazines or local papers,
and they would see a regular steady flow of business, no pressure, pay for your ads and server your customers. 

Digital Changed it all

The internet was meant to set us free. However, it seems to have enslaved us to devices and ever on call. 

So welcome to the 21st century where your clients don’t read papers or look at flyers.

You don’t need me to tell you we are in a world of social 24/7 digital madness. Here are some shocking figures 60% of all advertising spend is with just two companies. That is right digital advertising has overtaken traditional ad spend. Google and Facebook, with  3 others just behind. 

So where does it leave you? 

All is not lost there is a key.


Digital marketing brings with it the most significant opportunity.
However, it’s also the time of the greatest level of distraction and muddle. 

 This stuff was supposed to make it easy for us not more difficult. It is not for the lack of information or routes to the market. 

The BIG problem is ATTENTION. There is a lack of it, getting noticed 

So that is the problem now for the solution. 

The rediscovery of simplicity. 

So marketing coaching is the rediscovery of simplicity in your business with my help you will discover what it takes to keep you and your business supplied with a steady flow of Leeds

But it’s more than that the marketing coaching process sorts out your head on the subject and then sets you a strategy and support you to keep that strategy going so that you build yourself the marketing machine you need. 

Marketing coaching is an ongoing process,  it takes about between 3 to 6 months depending on where you are in your business,  like any coaching if you embrace the principles and move forward quickly then it’ll take 3 months.

Many clients appreciate the accountability as it holds them to the task.


The Coaching Offer  

Three Zoom Calls/month up to 1 hour each

Email Support and Accountability

Price £200/month