The Lead System Explained

The lead system is explained in the video below,

Are you paying high click costs. Are you using a one click sale Adwords strategy?

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Are you using luck in your business?

Paul Harvey

It is an odd question, but it is surprising how many of the people reading this material will be using an element of luck to find the right clients and generate sales.


Ok, let me name a bit of luck for you. Newspaper, magazines, and any paper-based general advertising. Newspapers once the backbone of any marketing strategy are now a shadow of their previous selves.


Questions? Do you have any control who reads a newspaper, do you know how many people saw your advert?

Yes, the paper will provide circulation figures based on research data. It will suggest that each paper gets read by at least two people and that at least 20% of those people are in the yadda yadda income bracket. It is smoke and mirrors and impossible to check or test. While a trade paper is more targeted to your audience, there will be a larger slice of luck, that the person looking for your product will see your advert.

Referrals and Recommendations; this is directly proportional to you ability to network. Of course, a good recommendation will get you into a good conversation. But what is the real cost of networking, and can you scale it to get a targeted number of referrals every week or month?

Digital Makes the Difference.

Here is where digital marketing will make a difference. In the digital world, everything is tracked, adverts can be targeted to age, likes or dislike, activity or income, location or spending habits. Is it any wonder that traditional advertising mediums like TV and Newspaper are bleeding revenue.

You can track a visitor that clicked your website on a mobile phone. Track the return on a desk top machine and the purchase they made on a tablet or with the phone call to the office. Try tracking your current sales to a newspaper campaign. It is possible with unique phone numbers if you have the budget and the time.

What is on offer and what is the catch?


The 747 Flight Deck

You could go to Google Adwords, Facebook or Twitter sign up for an account and have some adverts running in ten minutes. If that is what you want to do, give me a call. I have some free ad vouchers to give you a head start.
In all honesty, you will burn the money super fast. Those advertising systems once simple platforms were just like flying a Cessna light aircraft, with a little time and practice they were easy to fly.

As the demand and competition have grown, these services have added new layers and systems; they now look like the 747 flight deck with dials and knobs everywhere. It is this complexity that to the unwary will just take your money. There is a solution.

Smartphone and Competition

The rise of the smartphone and the sheer volume of competition that has pushed the price of web clicks up. Five years ago any business could directly advertise on the platforms. Look for the one click sale and find enough people at the right price to make it profitable. This worked even for low-cost items; clicks were 5p to 30p tops.

The rise of Click cost and the solution for your business.

In 2015 the UK total advertising spend was £16 billion  £8.5 Billion was spent on digital marketing. The advertising industry can see its revenue flow into the coffers of these US giants. The average cost per click for the one click sale is £1, and up, in some markets, it could be £10 or £20.  There is a solution stay with me.

“How does all this help me I just want to get leads at an affordable price?”

Ok yes, there is a solution and it is about following the sales journey. By using a system that looks for and hooks the prospects long before they are in the buying cycle.  The sales journey is a well-established sales and marketing narrative. The digital equivalent is called a marketing funnel, it uses a combination of video, web page content and emails that guide the prospect towards your business. Below is an 11-minute presentation video that takes you through a sales journey and looks at the components of a marketing funnel.

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