The most powerful tool that gets you access to your market, Adverts running within hours, results can be tested from the beginning and more.

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Or House Owners, Or Car Buyers Or Company Directors
Or People with Red Hair Or Tenis Players Or Women Or…..


With Adwords, you have the capacity to reach and communicate with anyone that you can describe or identify as someone interested in what you sell. Digital marketing is the fasted growing medium on the planet.

If you are not using AdWords here is why you should be

With Google Adwords could power your business and increase your sales to generate whatever revenue you need. The access and reach that is achieved through the googles advertising platform are unprecedented. More to the point if you are not using Adwords or one of the other paid platforms. You are missing out in one of the greatest advertising systems that there has ever been. Never in the history of business has such a range of tools for sales and marketing been available to anyone with a credit card.

Usings Google Adwords

  • You have the capacity to identify a prospect that is looking for your product or service.
  • Make compelling offers to them
  • Repeat those offers to them as they track them around the web.

Once your project is mastered you can effectively buy new customers and increase your sales, build your business or start an empire. It is all possible with the tools and services in the google arsenal.

The key to making sales

Making sales is about understanding the needs of the people or companies that you serve. Solving their problems, making life comfortable and helping them to feel good. The tools available through digital marketing give you the answers to these questions with real-time data.

Because once you understand who your customers are, you can identify those that you can help, the people that will happily pay you money. Now here is the good bit, Google can help you find more because if you can demonstrate who you are looking for google can find them.

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What does it all cost

Some people spend £50 a month some people spend £10,000

It is all possible within a defined budget, so you can always set limits and know much it will cost over the month. More than that the process will test your advertising. We all think we know our customers and what is important. But until an advert gets clicked it is meaningless. So ads that do not work are dumped, the ones that do are tested against others to beat the performance.  The regular testing builds a picture of what works; you will know what adverts are bringing you money. If you want a new flyer to look to do some paper advertising, take the elements of success and use it somewhere else.

As your advertising develops, you will develop a process that pays you a set return for every pound you spend. You will never be short of customers again. 

Does any of this sound attractive?

We can offer 3 Adwords services

The full managed service for clients looking to make Adwords a key aspect of their marketing programme. You must be seeking to invest in the project.

The service means we take over and operate the Adwords process for your business. All you have to do is work with us on the creative content, and we do all of the testing and management to make it happen.   From £450/ month Plus Advertising Spend DETAILS

Do it with you; It is a stripped down Adwords service, we explore your options and needs using a small budget. We do the setup and installation. You operate and manage the account on the day to day basis. We provide support as required. One off £200 set up.  DETAILS  

The Adwords Review for those with established Adwords accounts we review the process and offer a support programme which could be a combination of the above. Price is dependent on service requirement DETAILS




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