Achieving your goals in 2017 in 90 days

Does this sound like a tall order achieving your goals in 2017 in 90 days? Well, of course, the goal needs to be realistic for it to be possible in the time frame and it must be a stretch to make it worthwhile. With the right goal and commitment, it is possible.

I have been exploring goals for most of this month. This time last year I was looking to achieve a growth target for it to come all to nothing. I fell into the trap known as the pit of doom and did not want to repeat the experience.

Why are goals so difficult?

goals in 2017
If only it were simple

What does it take to find a realistic goal or target and make it happen? We all have patterns and when you consider that only 10% of the population set or use goals, there is more to the process. Clearly, as humans, we have problems with getting stuff done and nothing brings out a pattern of failure more than setting a goal.

Achieving your goals Webinar

This lead me to the webinar with Anthony Dexmier. He is a Facebook friend and runs a Facebook group called breaking the bonds.

We took an hour together in a webinar last Tuesday and went through the issues of goal setting and getting stuff done. There was some great content on the call; it is worth a listen, I have processed a time stamp for you so you can get to the parts that interest you quickly, it is below the video.

I will have a unique offer going out to the list next week; the detail in the PS.


How to set meaningful goals 1.50
The importance of WHY 3.30
Action leads to WHY 7.52
EGO and goals
The power of Yes 14.45
Working with Fear  17.00
Accountability   19.00
Burning money !!  22.00
Daily action  23.00
List the obstacles 28.00
Open mindset  30.00
The pit of  DOOM   31.00
Ten-year process  31.00
Look at areas of life  34.00
When a goal wears out and does not server 36.00
The journey must be worth the outcome 39.00
The questions we need to ask 41.00
Measure the journey 43.00
Overestimate and underestimate 43.00
More hustle will not work 45.00
Taking action is the key to success 48.00


I wish you every success with you goals in 2017

Paul Harvey

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