What is Facebook for ?

facebook logoThis was the question I was asked today.

” What is Facebook for?”

Well is an interactive medium where you can communicate with friends and family.



” But I do not want to communicate with people I hardly know and if they are friends and family I will ring them up or send them an email.”

Ok so why did you get a facebook account says I.

“Because I was told it would help my business, and now all I get is silly emails about the price of fish.”

I think helping the business was true 12 months ago but now I am finding it hard to justify. For a new page on this social network there must be a source of traffic and you must be prepared to interact with any comments received. In short you have to put in both money and time.

In my clients busy schedule there is no time for a status up dates or photo sharing. I have put the profile on lock down at least if the emails stop they may calm down. This does have me thinking as this is the second client profile I have locked down in a week.

Facebook your day may be coming when the audience is no more.

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