Achieving your goals in 2017 in 90 days

Does this sound like a tall order achieving your goals in 2017 in 90 days? Well, of course, the goal needs to be realistic for it to be possible in the time frame and it must be a stretch to make it worthwhile. With the right goal and commitment, it is possible.

I have been exploring goals for most of this month. This time last year I was looking to achieve a growth target for it to come all to nothing. I fell into the trap known as the pit of doom and did not want to repeat the experience.

Why are goals so difficult?

goals in 2017
If only it were simple

What does it take to find a realistic goal or target and make it happen? We all have patterns and when you consider that only 10% of the population set or use goals, there is more to the process. Clearly, as humans, we have problems with getting stuff done and nothing brings out a pattern of failure more than setting a goal.

Achieving your goals Webinar

This lead me to the webinar with Anthony Dexmier. He is a Facebook friend and runs a Facebook group called breaking the bonds.

We took an hour together in a webinar last Tuesday and went through the issues of goal setting and getting stuff done. There was some great content on the call; it is worth a listen, I have processed a time stamp for you so you can get to the parts that interest you quickly, it is below the video.

I will have a unique offer going out to the list next week; the detail in the PS.


How to set meaningful goals 1.50
The importance of WHY 3.30
Action leads to WHY 7.52
EGO and goals
The power of Yes 14.45
Working with Fear  17.00
Accountability   19.00
Burning money !!  22.00
Daily action  23.00
List the obstacles 28.00
Open mindset  30.00
The pit of  DOOM   31.00
Ten-year process  31.00
Look at areas of life  34.00
When a goal wears out and does not server 36.00
The journey must be worth the outcome 39.00
The questions we need to ask 41.00
Measure the journey 43.00
Overestimate and underestimate 43.00
More hustle will not work 45.00
Taking action is the key to success 48.00


I wish you every success with you goals in 2017

Paul Harvey

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Choose to change at 8.30am in Hong Kong,

18 & 19 November 03 001
Not my best HK picture

When we choose to change

It was 8.30am in Hong Kong I was on my way to our first meeting of the day and was just catching in with my wife on the phone, (It was time to choose to change)

“I have seen a house, can I look at it?” She said.

I was away on business in China with colleagues; the trip was three weeks. My wife was at home with our year one old son and had decided to visit her mother in Scotland.

With the time difference, we had fallen into the routine of speaking at opposite ends of the day

She was excited.  “I have seen it from the outside, and looked in the windows; it’s fantastic lots of potential.”

Being cool I said, “Ok Yes look at it, and long as you take someone with you and not your Mother.”

I had a vision of the pair of them walking around this house placing the furniture and deciding to buy it before they had walked out of the door.

A simple conversation and a chain reaction.

Inglewood house 1What is amazing is that simple conversation started a chain reaction for my family and I. It saw me leave the corporate world to find a new life in Scotland and opening up a world of opportunity.

We had been looking for a new home since the birth of our son, the attractions of London life had gone. But I had not expected the move would be 600 miles, a change of life and career.

My wife did the house tour with a surveyor who pointed out all the issues as she walked around. The property was a four bedroom stone built house by a river in a little town 23 miles east of Inverness.

I knew we would buy the house

Over the next two weeks in China, I was in supplier meetings discussing business by day, and overnight catching up with developments at home. I remember sitting in an internet cafe in HK looking at pictures of the house and the location. By the end of the first week, I knew we would buy the house and that I would not be completing on the business contracts I was negotiating. As I stepped on the plane to come home, the house offer letter was into the solicitors. On walking back into the office on Monday, I said to my boss.

“China was great lots to talk about, and by the way, Cheryl has bought a house in Scotland, and I will be leaving.”

So why am I telling the story, why is it so interesting? Well, it is about making that leap into transition and the unknown. I had been working for the same company for 20 years, seen it grow from a few million in sales to nearly 20 million. The company was a big part of my history and life. I was bored, but now life was about the energy of change.

New beginnings bring new energy

The only 40th birthday picture I could find

Life in that company had always been safe, it was an easy environment to work in, then in my 40th year, I was about to embark on a new journey a new chapter in my life.

Yes there was fear

There was fear, but what was surprising was the release of energy, it came in the waves, there was a tremendous excitement. Was it possible we could buy a house in such a beautiful location? Yes, it was! The drive and passion that was unleashed to meet that goal were greater than the sum of our parts.

Yes, It took six months to complete. Yes, there was a roller coaster of emotions, but we made it happen.

When you choose to change the magic can happen?

So I guess this post is about change, significant change. Because when you identify a significant change in your life, embrace it, launch into it and see what happens. It will release an enormous amount of energy. As we break the old patterns, we create opportunity, and at that moment magic can happen.

What made the difference for us was stepping into the unknown,

Once we had decided, we were going to do it, there was a graceful transition between working and living in London to the process of moving our entire home and family to Scotland.

Even once I arrive in Scotland there was no clear plan; it was just move, fix the house and see what happens. Within six months I was offered freelance work, and one thing lead into another.

Success and Stepping Up.

Scottish Week 086
10th Birthday in the Park( Green Hood)

So was the move successful, it depends on how you define success. Did we become millionaires? No, we did not. That was not the overall objective. We were looking for more community; A place to bring up a young son in an environment that was child-friendly and safe. We found it.

I was looking to be a hands-on father, I did that, working from home I was there for the important milestones. He went to a community school, I saw the school plays and did the birthday parties.

We are 12 years on, and my son turned 14 last year, and he does not need me like he did. (Apart from his taxi driver). It has not been an easy journey but that said we are still her are having fun, and sometimes it is not.

I Choose to Change again

Choose to change
Make a choice and find a new target. Yes I shot those arrows.

Change is needed a new burst of energy; I will go into why in another post. The point is now is the time for another new beginning, time to stop playing small, because if I want to make a mark in this world and achieve my life purpose, I need to look towards the bigger vision, that means taking my skills and experience and using them to impact more people.

So 2017 is the year that I step up. I am moving my business into a new phase I am building a team, and we will walk into the unknown and see what happens. I will speak more of change in the coming weeks.

What would be a leap for you in your life or business in 2017

How do we step up and out of the comfort zone?

I will be talking about this with Anthony Dexmier next week.

All the best for the year ahead

Paul Harvey

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Yes I had tears in my eyes for our loss and more.

Yes I had tears streaming down my face

I want 2017 to be different, and that starts by getting out there and giving value.

So the first Webinar of 2017  is Thursday 5th 2 pm and here is why.

2016 what a year of endings, change and political upheaval. For most, it’s the people that have left that had the greatest effect. Public figures and icons, Prince, Bowie & Cohen, heavy losses.

But for me, it was George Michael. He was one year younger than I, and very much part of my generation.

george_michael_symphonica_10I watched the tribute a 2012 recording of the live concert from the Paris opera house and had tears in my eyes and rolling down my face. George was talking about Phil Ramone, (his producer on the album and concert material.) and that Phil died before seeing the recording. Little did George know that four years on, he would also be gone.

Talented people leave us a legacy, so while they have left, we can still experience and appreciate their work.

My tears while for George were also for the people that have gifts to share and do not realise them.



While we live, we have a duty to honour life and make a difference where we can.

People will remember George for his music, what will be my legacy?

What can I give that will make a difference? Having sat on this question since Christmas. I looked at it from the perspective of my purpose; it has always been to move people forward; I was a coach before I became a coach.

I choose to work in the business space, and I bring tools and knowledge to support both business and personal growth.

Do you want to make changes to your life or business in 2017?

Did your process and plans in 2016 work for you?

How would you like to make an impact early in 2017?

What follow may not be for you, and I wish you a happy new year and every success.

If you answer was YES, then this is for you.

“Let’s get stuff done.”

A 3-month programme of support and coaching that will start on the 9th Jan. It will use a combination of google docs a Facebook group and webinars. I have created this quickly following the events of the last week. It will be an exploration for all of us and it will take you forward.

The price is £100, and while I would give it away there has to be a cost to value my time and for you to put attention and value into the process.

Discover more about this programme on the FREE intro webinar on Thursday 5th it will explain the process and what we will be doing together.

If you just want to buy in now, the page is here. 

This programme may not be for you, and that is good too; I wish you every success for 2017.

Happy New Year

Paul Harvey

PS. I will leave you with a comment I read on Facebook following Georges death. “Don’t die with your song inside you for the love of God, SING.”