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The “do it with you service” takes you on a similar journey to the full managed service, again we will look to establish your goals. Support you to do the research and set you up with some of the simple adwords products that will move your business forward.

You need to understand your customers

The key to success in any advertising is understanding the needs of the market. In adwords that can mean finding the difference between the casual interest and the serious buyer. When people surf they type anything when they type “buy XXXX” that is a more serious enquiry.

The facts remain making sales is about understanding the needs of the people or companies that you serve. It is all about;

Solving their problems

Making life comfortable

Helping them to feel good

We are all motivated by feeling good, and most of the decisions we make conscious or unconsciously are triggered by a feeling and then justified with logic. The tools available through digital marketing give you the answers to these questions with real-time data. It is all about presenting the right message at the right time.

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Adwords “Do It With You” Service Costs.

The service is a £200 one off fee your advert spends needs to be between £50/£100 month. At this level, you will not be seeing significant growth but it will point you the right direction and start the traffic ball rolling for you. Many people have started at this level and gone on to build a significant project with the budget to match.

The process is about building a sales
machine to keep your business
growing into the future.

Next steps, is a telephone consultation there is £100 booking fee and down payment that is offset against the work. Following the initial consultation, the balance of the full-service fee will be required.

Not Sure? that is why there is a  
30-minute refund.

We understand you have questions and you may want to explore, so there is the 30-minute refund. If you feel the service is not for you during the first 30 minutes of the consultation we will refund your money in full no question.

Click the pay button below to pay the £100
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