A great testimonial is a golden nugget.

Thumbs upI would be the first person that will tell you a good testimonial is a highly valuable on your website or other promotional materials.  The reason for this is that a testimonial says more about you or your product than you can ever say.

It is called social proof, and it brings both validation and credibility to the product or business.

Here are a few everyday examples.

1)Take a look at some of the insurance mail pieces that pop through your letterbox, there will always be a picture
of someone saying how easy the claim process was.

2) Look at Amazon or Ebay, when offered a choice between similar product and price it is the feedback or reviews that swing the decision.

3) If you are a business user on Linkedin, notice how it prompts you to endorse your contacts.

We know all of this is important. So why is it so difficult to ask your customers for a testimonial. Also, when you ask why is it so difficult to get something that is worth using in your publicity?

First, it is a bit embarrassing to ask, it’s like asking for a compliment, and I was told by my parents that it was not polite.

From the other side on the receiving end of the question and being asked to give a testimonial, most people ( myself included ) do not know what to say. Or find it had to frame the words well.

Paul is a really great guy, very friendly.   Fred Smith  (while nice to know that Fred thinks I am great it does not say much.)

The key point, receiving a good testimonial is about timing. The customer needs to be in the right frame of mind,  the best time to ask is when the experience is fresh. But for practical reasons it is not always the best time to ask.  So how do we get a supply of strong testimonials and endorsement?

The best solution is to use a survey and structure it in such a way that customer is giving an opinion.  You can use this material to create all the testimonials that best serve your cause.

To find out more see the testimonial took kit

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